What the Heck Have We Been Up To?

What the Heck Have We Been Up To?
What the Heck have we been up to?
Traveling Family

 You may or may not know that my family and I love to travel and we have been fulltime RVers for 2 years. Well, until the pandemic of course.

So what have we been up to during the pandemic, when traveling, especially with children has been difficult?

Before we decided to go “fulltime” we had a home in PA. ,we had a store, a workshop… Blah, Blah Blah… We decided to leave it all behind and travel with our kids fulltime. We had purchased a piece of land outside the town our home was in but never really had the time to do anything with it. Other than the occasional Jeep ride or snow sledding, we barely even visited the land. When the pandemic hit we were so grateful for having this piece of land to return to.

We didn’t feel traveling around the country, putting our kids at constant risk, was going to be very easy or smart. We chose to return to PA and stay on our land and start a little farm, while we wait out the pandemic.

We cleared the land to make space for a large garden, a chicken coop and run for our 13 laying hens, plenty of flower beds, and even dug an irrigation pond to mitigate any drought issues and keep our garden growing! Fresh fruits and veggies are amazing and the feeling you get, knowing YOU were a part of the planting, weeding, and harvesting is unmatched..

We also took this “downtime” to build a barn to store our farm/garden equipment. The building serves as extra storage and even some living space to stretch from the RV when needed.

In between construction, gardening, renovating, making rings and normal day to day business, we have used this opportunity to spend time with family, re-evaluate our future plans, clean out some of our stored items, complete some much needed maintenance on our RV and truck and the most exciting part for our kids, they got their first pet! We have enjoyed our time on our land. Our kids having so much space to run, ride bikes and just play without having to worry about road traffic or bothering neighbors (like with life living in town) is truly unforgettable to them and a great piece of mind as parents.

Having this land to come back to, especially during the pandemic, has been a huge blessing. It has been a great time to evaluate our future plans and what we want out of life. We have done some soul searching and we love having our "little farm"  but traveling is in our blood!

We have made some HUGE decisions and have a lot of changes coming! Keep checking back to find out our plans!

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