FAQ's and Policy Information

Special note: If viewing our site from a mobile device, please note that most devices are designed to automatically enhance the colors of any picture viewed on your device. All rings are handmade one at a time so you may see a slight difference from the pictured ring. We do our best to duplicate the ring we have photographed.

Q) Will the sandblasted finish show scratches? 

A) Please note the sandblasted finish will scratch if not careful and will eventually wear smooth. We are happy to re-sandblast your ring at anytime if desired.

Q) Is the sandblasted finish black?

A) This finish is not "Black". On the wood rings the color is more dark grey and on the colored rings it is the same color as the inside of the ring, just sandblasted. The sandblasting will seem to darken over time from the natural oils on your fingers and using a little Carnauba wax will help protect from "scratching".

Q) Can my ring be resized later?

A) Titanium rings cannot be re-sized. Please contact us if you have any issue with your ring and we will do our best to work out a solution.To ensure a perfect fit the first time, It is very important to be sized to the leading edge of a tapered mandrel. https://www.peacefieldtitanium.com/pages/ring-sizing

Q) How do I care for my ring?

A) Regular care should be done to all jewelry. Your wood ring is waxed before shipping with the highest quality museum grade micro-crystalline wax. The wax gives a silky smooth feel and further protects against scratches and water. We do not sell this wax but it can be found with a quick Google search. Carnauba wax works well also, this can be found at most supply stores. https://www.peacefieldtitanium.com/pages/ring-care-instructions

Q) What is the lead time to have a ring made?

A) All Peacefield Titanium rings are handmade and thus require 1 week from date purchased till shipped. We do have an express shipping option for an additional $20 fee. https://www.peacefieldtitanium.com/pages/shipping

Q) Can I tweak a ring design?

A) If you would like to further customize one of our rings, feel free to contact us and we can work through all your questions.