wood ring with weathered barnwood
grey barnwood wood ring
Mens wood ring with weathered grey maple barnwood | wooden rings with titanium band
weathered grey barnwood wedding ring
Mens wood ring with weathered grey maple barnwood | wooden rings with titanium band
Mens wood ring with weathered grey maple barnwood | wooden rings with titanium band

Mens wood ring with weathered grey maple barnwood | wooden rings with titanium band

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Men's wood wedding bands, with a titanium update

 wood ring with weathered maple barnwood

is the perfect choice for the groom who wants a men's wedding band with a unique and meaningful symbol of his commitment. With reclaimed grey barn wood, these handcrafted wooden rings have a rugged yet modern and natural look that is one of a kind. Every wooden ring we sell is made in our shop at Peacefield Titanium. Add a touch of rustic charm to your big day with handcrafted wedding rings.

   Wooden ring, with a heart of titanium

  These wood rings feature a tougher than nails titanium band at the core. Precision crafted for maximum strength and durability, yet unbelievably light. Comfort is built into every ring as standard. We polish the edges for a clean modern look that pairs great with the men's wood band, but keep the interior core slightly satin, this helps the ring not feel "sticky" on those hot humid days.

-these men's rings feature...

-rugged titanium ring band

-every man's wood ring is handmade in our Pennsylvania shop

- Every size 5 through 14 is available, add desired size in "order note" during checkout

- Waterproofed

- Comfortable fit

- 100% repairable

- Ships fast and crafted in the USA.

  Barn wood wedding rings

 The rustic barnwood gives this wood ring a one-of-a-kind look that is both rustic and contemporary. The grey wood has a polished finish and looks great with nearly any style. The wood inlay has been carefully selected for its unique grain pattern and weathered finish, making it a cool timeless ring.

  Wood inlay wedding bands

have become increasingly popular for a men's ring in recent years, with men of all ages embracing this timeless and natural accessory. Made from a variety of wood species, including exotic woods like ebony and rosewood, as well as more common woods like oak and maple, wood rings offer a unique and stylish look that is perfect for any occasion.

  Reclaimed barnwood lining,

The reclaimed wood used for this ring comes from salvaged siding boards that have been standing against the storms for many years. battered and slightly beaten, the wood only looks better with age. Every wood takes on a different patina through the years, the maple goes gray. We have to re-gray the maple with a solution of iron and vinegar to restore the patina after bending and sanding the wood to fit the rings as some are lost and the natural wood color quickly reappears.

Rings are made to order and currently ship in less than 10 days.

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Everything went extremely smoothly. Ring was delivered in a timely fashion. It looks very well made and my fiancé loves it. It obviously reflects her personal taste but she also appreciates it being a very clean, beautiful ring.

Will S.

My Husband Loves his ring! Thank you

Jenny M.
Austin Tx.

It looks even better in person and you can really feel the quality!

James T.
St. George, Utah

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