Antler wedding rings

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Deer antler rings and wedding bands

The Antler wedding rings in this collection are made here at Peacefield Titanium, we do not import our rings. Every Antler wedding band is sealed with a waterproof finish and ready for any adventure. Our rings are crafted with a strong and lightweight titanium core. These rings feature a comfortable fit and great-looking high gloss polish.  Rugged and durable, these antler rings are meant to last a lifetime. We have a similar collection to these,  without the Antler in our Mens wood wedding bands collection found here.

Antler rings

Our Antler rings make great wedding rings for nature lovers and hunters. Wear your love of the outdoors with a subtle reminder on your finger. These custom wedding bands are the perfect choice for the person that wants something that stands above the normal ring choices when it comes to style and uniqueness.

Deer antler wedding bands

We can make any antler ring with Deer or Elk antlers. We can make our deer antler wedding bands in any finger size from 5 up to 14. Widths vary by style with most available in 7-10mm wide.

Deer antler wedding rings

 Deer antler rings made by Peacefield Titanium are the perfect representation of nature and wilderness. Our Deer antler wedding rings are made from the antlers of Deer or Elk, giving each piece its unique and organic feel. With our unique designs, antler rings have become a popular top seller for men looking for a unique wedding band that truly stands out.

Antler engagement rings

Give your loved one the perfect Antler engagement ring for the outdoorsman. We offer a collection of antler rings that are perfect for those who want to express their love for nature and the great outdoors.  An engagement ring with antler and wood is the perfect choice for a men's ring.

Antler jewelry for men

Custom handcrafted deer antler rings made entirely in the Peacefield Titanium shop. We craft every mens ring with made in the USA titanium bar stock 6al-4v, the most durable scratch resistant variety of titanium.