collection of tungsten rings and wedding bands for men

Created for your forever moment

Made in Pennsylvania
Rustic rings made from Old Whiskey barrels

Experience the rustic charm and rich history with our whiskey barrel rings. Each ring tells a story of craftsmanship and celebration, making it a unique and distinctive choice for those who appreciate tradition with a twist

Black wedding rings

Discover our exquisite collection of black wedding rings each ring is handcrafted from the finest materials. Our unique designs incorporate reclaimed wood from extraordinary sources, ensuring that every ring is as special as your love story.

peacefield shop pic, ring making

Small shop American craftsmanship forged into every ring

I believe that the beauty of a wedding ring should be matched by the quality of its creation. That's why every piece is made by hand right here in the USA, ensuring that we oversee every detail from start to finish. By choosing one of our rings, you're not just making a purchase—you're investing in a piece of art that carries a story of dedication and passion.

Tungsten Wedding bands

Discover our exquisite collection of handcrafted Tungsten wedding bands, where timeless elegance meets natural beauty. Elevate your special day with these unique, eco-friendly rings that blend craftsmanship and style effortlessly.

Peacefield Titanium

Unique rings for your unique love story

where we blend impeccable craftsmanship with enduring quality to create wedding bands that are not only jewelry but heirlooms.

Free USA Shipping

We make every ring with our own Solar power

Lifetime warranty on all rings

collection of Bentwood rings made by Peacefield Titanium, Koa wood, walnut, bubinga, and rosewood bentwood rings
Bentwood rings
Wooden rings
and wedding bands
Collection here
Titanium wood rings made by Peacefield Titanium, collection of custom made titanium rings with wood wedding bands
Titanium wood rings
wood lined titanium
Collection here
Antler wedding bands
Custom rings with Antler from seasonal sheds
Shop Antler rings
collection of carbon fiber rings made by Peacefield Titanium
Carbon fiber wedding bands and rings
Wood lined Carbon fiber
Shop Carbon rings
turquoise rings collection, custom unique rings made by Peacefield Titanium
Turquoise rings
Genuine Turquoise inlays
Shop Turquoise rings
titanium wedding rings collection, custom rings made by Peacefield Titanium
Titanium wedding bands
Tough and durable with the classic good looks
Shop Titanium
Collection of hammered rings by Peacefield Titanium, hammer finish wedding bands
Hammered wedding bands
Custom wedding rings with a by hand hammered finish
Shop This
Womens wooden rings collection, custom wood rings for women made by Peacefield Titanium
Womens wooden rings
Thinner gauge rings perfect for smaller fingers
Shop This collection
collection of rings made with reclaimed Walnut, walnut wooden rings by Peacefield Titanium
Walnut wood rings
Reclaimed bar top Black Walnut
Buy Walnut rings here
Ebony wood rings collection
Unique wedding rings with Ebony wood inlay
Shop Ebony rings here
Renewable Energy
Your rings, made eco-friendly

Peacefield Titanium's shop is off-grid and powered entirely by our solar array. Just one of the measures we take to make your rings as environmentally responsible as possible.

some of our backyard solar array that powers our ring making.

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