Mens wood wedding bands and rings

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Wood rings

Wood rings are made with traditional skill and love, each one carefully crafted by hand to provide the highest quality. Our wood wedding bands are the most unique rings available. We have many natural materials available in stock to make you the custom ring of your dreams. 

Mens wedding bands

Handcrafted using sustainable practices and powered by solar energy, each Mens wedding band is tailored to your precise size requirements. Our versatile selection offers a range of widths, available in whole, half, and quarter sizes to suit your preferred style.

Wood, from our forest to your finger

Maple, Oak, and black cherry all come from dead trees on the Peacefield Titanium property here in the central Pennsylvania mountains.

This collection of men's wood bands is based on a titanium core for style, strength, and uniqueness. We have a collection of Titanium wedding bands without wood here if prefer a more traditional wedding ring.

Wood wedding rings

The majority of the wood wedding rings displayed in this collection are 8mm wide, but they can be made for you in 8, 9, or 10mm in width. These wedding rings are made to the highest quality standards possible. We craft each wedding band with attention to detail that is not given to mass-produced imported rings. Each wedding ring is sealed with a waterproof finish and polished to a beautiful shine. 

Every wood wedding ring we make carries our Lifetime ring warranty. Handmade with precision and care. When you choose Peacefield Titanium as your ring maker, you get the highest quality custom wood ring possible.

wood wedding band

Every wood wedding band Peacefield Titanium makes is done with power from the sun. We have a small solar array that powers our shop entirely from the sunshine! I enjoy the fact that we can be self-reliant and as "green" as current technology will reliably allow us to be.

Wooden rings for men

We offer many wood choices in this collection of rings for men. We have reclaimed wood from old barns and whiskey barrels and many native species from our local Pennsylvania woods to exotics from Africa and beyond.

Koa wood from Hawaii comes from dead trees, no living trees are allowed to be cut on the islands, as it should be. We have been making rings with wood for over a decade now and feel we can make you the best wood wedding band available, and you can feel confident that your wooden ring will be with you for many years.

Men's wooden rings

We craft our wooden wedding bands to last. we do not believe in replacing broken rings with another random ring from a shelf full of imported junk.

We can repair and replace only a part of your wedding ring, for example, the wood. The titanium portion will be preserved. This way, you can keep the same ring you had on your wedding day for life. Our wooden wedding bands are fully crafted in-house, which gives us the unique ability to carry out any repair work that may arise from whatever life dishes out. Shop Peacefield Titanium today for the most unique wooden rings available anywhere.