Ring Care Instructions

Titanium Rings - Cleaning & Care Instructions


Our Antler style rings are made from natural and organic materials and should be treated with special care. Sealed with resin makes them very water resistant but long term exposure could still potentially cause damage. When at all possible, we suggest doing the following things to ensure long lasting quality.

  • Keep out of extreme heat or cold for any long periods of time
  • Remove when using strong chemicals and other abrasive substances (including hand sanitizer)
  • Remove when partaking in any water activities where you will be submerging your hand in water such as: bathing, swimming, or dishwashing
  • Remove when doing anything that may cause damage including physical labor or heavy lifting.



Wood rings are made from natural materials and will require some special attention to keep your ring in good shape. Normal handwashing is totally fine but please don’t submerge your ring in water.

Ring Care

Protect your ring by removing it during activities that may subject it to abrasion or hard knocks. I recommend that you not wear any type of ring at the gym, when gardening, playing sports, or at the beach. 

Ring Safety

For your safety, never wear any type of ring around open machinery or electrical equipment, or while participating in physical sports and activities. 

Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry is worn by millions of people every day, but few recognize how they can preserve their treasures by using some simple advanced planning and thought. Here are some basic guidelines to consider when wearing jewelry:

  • Remove Jewelry During Tasks – When performing manual tasks, remove your jewelry to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids. Some tasks that should be avoided when wearing jewelry include kitchen work, gardening, cleaning the house and other common tasks.
  • Do not apply hand sanitizer while wearing jewelry- Hand sanitizers will damage jewelry. It is best to remove jewelry before using hand sanitizers.
  • Chemicals and jewelry- remove jewelry before using cleaning products. These harsh chemicals will damage your jewelry.
  • Put Jewelry On After Applying Makeup – Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion can contain chemicals that can often damage jewelry. Putting jewelry on after applying these materials will limit exposure to jewelry and any potential damage.
  • Don't Wear Jewelry in Swimming Pools and Spas – Chlorinated water can react with the metals found in jewelry causing color changes and even structural damage. As a result it's a good idea to remove jewelry before entering the pool or spa.
  • Contact Sports and Jewelry Don't Mix– Hard blows during sports can damage jewelry not to mention the people involved. All jewelry should be removed before play begins.