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Carbon fiber wood wedding bands

We craft every carbon fiber wood ring with care and precision. Your ring from Peacefield Titanium should be the most comfortable ring you ever wear. This is our goal. If your desire is to have the lightest and strongest ring possible, then your search is over because that is exactly what these rings are, the lightest ring possible, period. 

Carbon fiber with wood rings

If you're searching for a carbon fiber ring, then you probably already know that carbon fiber is famous for its high strength to weight ratio. No surprise there. What may surprise you is that the addition of wood makes the ring even lighter. The wood is not an add on to a finished carbon fiber ring, but rather the starting base material that the carbon is molded to. This process makes a solid one piece ring that has a strength factor that is completely overkill for a wedding band.

Forged carbon fiber rings

Carbon fiber compressed under extreme pressure and a little heat produces what the industry calls "forged carbon fiber" its a very unique look different from what has been available in the past. Ultra lightweight and superior strength give rings made with this technology an advantage over others.

Titanium carbon fiber ring

Add some titanium to the mix for a timeless look. We continue to come out with new designs for our titanium carbon fiber ring collection. Our huge collection of Mens wood wedding bands have more styles with timeless style here.

These rings, as with every wooden ring we make is covered by our "refinish for life" warranty coverage.

Built with safety in mind, our carbon fiber rings are easily cut off with typical removal tools in the advent of the unthinkable emergency happens. 

Bentwood wood interior

Using the bentwood method for the wood portion is tedious work but it produces a superior wood ring addition to our carbon fiber bands. The bentwood method adds a substantial amount of time to making each ring and this is the number one reason why you don't see many other makers using this method. We fell it is feel worth the effort to give you the highest quality ring possible.

 Only real carbon fibre here

Don't settle for fake carbon inlay as so many of the "tungsten with carbon inlay ring" are.  Make a statement with a carbon fiber ring that truly represents your love and commitment and is real carbon fiber. Order yours today and start your forever with a piece of jewelry that is truly one of a kind.

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We have a wide variety of wood species that we work with on these rings, this bubinga wood and carbon ring is one of our most popular.

Get yourself, or loved one a cool custom carbon ring with wood from Peacefield Titanium today and enjoy showing off your wedding ring to friends.