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Wood inlay rings

Discover the beauty of nature with our collection of wood rings. Each ring is carefully handcrafted to feature a solid and durable titanium core, surrounded by exquisite wooden inlay in various wood species.

 wood wedding rings

Each ring is going to be slightly different from the next, it's the nature of real wood that makes this easy. Your wood ring from Peacefield Titanium is not a mass-produced import. We make each ring one at a time with the utmost care and precision possible.

Customize your ring with any selection of wood

We can match any wood species, to any style ring you might see in our store. Mix and match to make your perfect wooden wedding ring. This does not drastically affect the shipping time or price.

Pick your combo and contact us here to begin your custom ring build.

With so many different wood species to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect ring to match your personal style. Whether you prefer the rich, dark colors of ebony or the warm, golden tones of Koa wood, each ring is unique and showcases the natural beauty of the wood. 

Wood rings for men

Your wooden rings can include many different materials that we stock, like turquoise, malachite and Mother of Pearl. We can also use materials that carry sentimental value to you, wood or stone from a special place for example. Link is above if you would like to discuss a custom wooden ring for yourself or loved one.

Titanium metal and wooden rings

Every ring starts with a jewelry grade titanium bar stock, precision machined to exacting tolerances for the perfect fit. Strong, light, and durable, these qualities are what makes titanium the perfect base for our custom rings.

Men's wedding bands no longer have to be boring, add some unique style to your life with our custom-made rings built by hand right here at Peacefield Titanium.