Can Titanium Rings Be Resized?

As a custom jeweler with over 15 years of experience crafting unique pieces for every occasion, one of the most common questions I encounter is: "Can titanium rings be resized?" Given the growing popularity of titanium due to its strength and durability, it's essential to understand the intricacies involved in resizing these modern marvels.

whiskey barrel ring on finger

Titanium, known for its robust and lightweight characteristics, presents unique challenges when it comes to resizing. The very properties that make titanium a desirable choice for jewelry—its hardness and resistance to wear—also make resizing a task that is not only difficult but, in most cases, nearly impossible.

titanium ring being cut to size at Peacefield Titanium

In my years at the jeweler's bench, I've explored various methods to alter the size of titanium rings. Traditional resizing methods, which involve cutting the band and either adding or removing material, are not suitable for titanium. Titanium cannot be stretched and shrunk like others metals, and it defiantly cannot be soldered. Tig welding could possible work to add metal, but I can cut a new ring on the lathe before you have found your welding goggles.

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However, all hope is not lost for those who have a titanium ring that doesn’t quite fit. One alternative is by carefully grinding the interior of the ring to make it slightly larger. This method can provide a small adjustment, typically less than one quarter ring size, and can sometimes be enough to make a difference in comfort. I would only consider this option if time was of the essence and a wedding date was within a couple of days. 

For more considerable size changes, the only approach is replacing the band with a new one that fits correctly. At Peacefield Titanium we offer a free size exchange on our rings. This helps remove the pressure of ordering a ring online without a try on first.

titanium ring with rosewood and mother of pearl

In crafting rings, I always emphasize the importance of getting the size right from the start, especially with materials like titanium. Each ring is a story—a symbol of love, commitment, or personal history. It’s my privilege to help ensure that each story is told as perfectly as possible, fitting comfortably and looking splendid on your finger.

As you consider a titanium ring, remember the resizing limitations. But don’t let this deter you; titanium's durability and beauty make it an excellent choice for a ring meant to last a lifetime. And with the right preparation and expertise, your titanium ring can be a perfect fit from the beginning.

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