hammer finish titanium and barn wood ring
hammered titanium and barnwood ring
Rustic Barnwood wooden ring with Hammered Titanium
Rustic Barnwood wooden ring with Hammered Titanium
Rustic Barnwood wooden ring with Hammered Titanium
Rustic Barnwood wooden ring with Hammered Titanium

Rustic Barnwood wooden ring with Hammered Titanium

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Rustic Barn Wood with Hammered Titanium

Make a statement with this stunning rustic wood ring, crafted from authentic 1880's reclaimed barnwood. Each ring is carefully handcrafted to highlight the unique character of the salvaged wood, including its natural textures and grains. Oak beams protected from the outside elements and perfectly aged is what makes your ring so strong and special. The rich history of the barnwood is preserved in every piece, making each ring a true work of art. Whether you're looking for a special gift or a standout accessory, this wood ring is the perfect choice. Embrace the beauty of the past with a rustic wood ring made from 1880's reclaimed oak barnwood

- Every size 5 through 14 is available, add desired size in "order note" during checkout

- Waterproofed

- Comfortable fit

- repairable wood for life of ring

- Ships fast and crafted in the USA.

The wood used here is made using bentwood. The term "bentwood" comes from the handcrafted technique using steam to transform a flat veneer cut of wood into a multi layered laminated ring blank. This time-honored process results in the strongest, most durable wood construction for your wedding band.  Reclaimed Oak barn wood lining in this ring is cut from an 1880's Bank Barn Beam. Originally hand hued over 100 years ago and now the history continues in our handmade Titanium and Reclaimed Oak Wood Wedding band. 

Rings are made to order and currently ship in less than 10 days.

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Your ring made with
Renewable Energy

Your ring is made using 100% renewable power. This is not some paid "credit" that has become so prevalant but quite different indeed. Our shop is offgrid, the only power input comes from our back yard solar array!

part of our backyard solar array that powers our ring shop



Everything went extremely smoothly. Ring was delivered in a timely fashion. It looks very well made and my fiancé loves it. It obviously reflects her personal taste but she also appreciates it being a very clean, beautiful ring.

Will S.

My Husband Loves his ring! Thank you

Jenny M.
Austin Tx.

It looks even better in person and you can really feel the quality!

James T.
St. George, Utah

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