7 Cool wedding bands for Men

When it comes to cool  Men's wedding bands  there are many choices these days. But how do you narrow it down to what matters most? Weight? Durability? Style? Metals? are all important choices, but to help with analysis paralysis, here are our favorite handcrafted in the USA Men's wedding bands from Peacefield Titanium to get you started on the right track. 

First up we have this Awesome looking custom ring based on a lightweight, durable Titanium ring. Koa wood with cool turquoise inlays. Natural materials are what makes these rings unique and separate from the crowd of standard-looking cheap quality imports.

Mens wedding bands with Koa wood by Peacefield Titanium


Up next we have a wedding ring with Ebony wood and Mother of Pearl inlays. This ring looks awesome in the sunlight, where the pearl really shines.

Ebony and Mother of Pearl inlay wedding ring.


Our number 3 spot is this Whiskey Barrel wood inlay ring. Custom inlay ring made using authentic wood from real Whiskey Barrels. Many whiskey barrel varieties are available. 



Whiskey barrel ring with bentwood inlays 


The only way to top the cool factor of a whiskey barrel ring is to add some authentic Deer antler. Our next ring features authentic Deer antlers from seasonal drops. Sealed and waterproof for long lasting durability, this will make a great wedding ring for outdoorsman.



Antler and Whiskey ring by PeacefieldTitanium


 Next up, we get into something a little different. A cool titanium exterior with a warm wood interior. This ring features exotic Acacia wood with a unique golden hue. The titanium is shown in a soft satin finish but can easily be polished for classic wedding band look.

Titanium and Acacia wood ring


Black rings are definitely in style these days. We fill that spot with a unique Carbon fiber ring with a cool black look and wood interior. Carbon fiber is super light and definitely strong. As with all our rings the wood is sealed and waterproof. This ring shows off its cool Koa wood interior proudly.

 Black Carbon fiber with Koa wood


Last but not least in our list of cool rings for Mens is the Titanium with carbon fiber inlay wedding band. Classic good looks with modern materials. This ring is distinct and unique for sure. made in widths from 6mm to 9mm and finger sizes 5 to 14 this ring will fit just about any finger.


Titanium with carbon fiber inlay wedding ring


That concludes our list of 7 cool ring for men, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for taking a look! Check out Peacefield Titanium for many more unique handcrafted wedding bands and rings.

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