Do wooden rings make durable wedding bands?


Wood rings can be very durable, and last many, many years. By following just a few simple steps and using a little knowledge gained from our article below, your wooden ring will look just as good as the day you received it for many years.

Wooden rings are the latest darlings of the fashion world. Strutting their way onto the fingers of everyone from eco-friendly celebrities to rustic-loving hipsters, these stylish pieces have raised a few eyebrows—and a bunch of questions too! The most prominent one being, "Are wooden rings durable?" followed closely by, "How do I maintain these bad boys?"

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Let's dive into the world of wooden rings, unraveling their secrets and dispelling some doubts. But buckle up, because this journey might get a bit...woodsy. Don't despair though, with our decade plus of experience making wooden rings, Peacefield Titanium  has the expertise to guide you to success upon entering the world of wood wedding bands. Check out Peacefield Titanium deeper in this Associated Press article  that covers what we have been devolving into custom wedding bands.

First off, a wooden ring isn't like a summer camp arts and crafts project. These pieces of art require quality craftsmanship and materials. The star of the show? The bentwood technique. This method involves wrapping thin layers of wood around each other, creating a metaphorical wood hug that's as strong as it is beautiful. And remember folks, the type of wood matters! High-quality hardwoods are to wooden rings what avocados are to toast: essential and perfect.

Then there's the finishing touch, a strong sealant. And no, we're not talking about your typical Home Depot variety. Our wooden rings are coated with many layers of cyanoacrylate glue (CA glue) Or 2 stage epoxy that gives a glossy finish and also makes the rings very resistant to water (more on that in a moment).

Maintaining your wooden ring is like taking care of a small pet. It doesn't ask for much, but what it needs, it really needs.

  1. Cleaning: Wipe your ring gently with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. No, not your t-shirt, a cloth.
  2. Water Exposure: Your ring is water-resistant, not a professional swimmer. Avoid saltwater and unnecessary water contact. Basically, don't let your ring live a mermaid life.
  3. Impact: Remember when we said wooden rings are strong? We weren't kidding. They can withstand normal wear and tear. However, if you're planning a WWE wrestling match, it's better to leave your ring in the corner.
  4. Chemical Exposure: Your ring and household cleaning products aren't friends. It's best to keep them apart.
  5. Refinishing: Like a beauty salon visit for your ring, refinishing helps to restore the shine if it starts looking a little tired.  We refinish yours at no cost for the life of your ring.

Wooden rings have an irresistible charm. They've got a unique flair that's a beautiful blend of earthy and classy. They're comfortable, gift-worthy, and often feature titanium core elements for extra strength.

For those with careers involving electricity or high temperatures, Our bentwood rings without titanium are like mini superheroes. They won't conduct heat or electricity, making them a safer choice. However, be mindful of water exposure and staining—wooden rings have a bit of a vulnerability in that department.

In conclusion, with the right materials and a little TLC, your wooden ring will stay dazzlingly durable and stylish for a long time. It might require a bit more upkeep than a traditional metal ring, but hey, isn't it worth it for a ring that's as unique as you? With a little extra care, your wooden ring will not just be a piece of jewelry, but a story to wear and share for years to come!

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